The EUROVILDE have as MISSION to be a footwear company, committed to continuously satisfy market expectations, with the involvement of all stakeholders, namely customers, suppliers and employees.
They aim to produce and deliver products that meet the needs of customers, who fulfill the function for which they are designed, the requirements of customers, applicable legislation and regulations, with the participative commitment of all employees.
Thus, EUROVILDE supports the Quality Policy in the following principles:

Ensure the conformity of our products and services, as well as compliance with the requirements of the standard applicable to our Quality Management System
Ensure the participation of all employees in the different activities of the company, through a functional interconnection of the various processes.
Ensure the work environment necessary to achieve compliance with product requirements.
Continuously analyze the results obtained and trigger actions that allow a constant development and improvement of our processes, products and services and at the same time improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System with reference to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard.


EUROVILDE is committed to meeting or exceeding relevant environmental requirements and regulations and other environmental requirements by improving its environmental management system and preventing pollution. Eurovilde develops and monitors annual environmental objectives and targets to help fulfill this commitment. We aim to reduce the environmental impact by actively monitoring the consumption of energy, packaging, chemicals and waste generated.
In pursuit of continuous improvement, we ensure that we are committed to:

-Comply with the applicable current environmental legislation and other compliance obligations;
-Practice recycling, saving energy and water, contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts through the rational use of natural resources;
-Promote the involvement of employees, so that they act in a responsible and environmentally correct manner;
-Define good cleaning practices for use with solvents, ensure that all employees receive training.
-To promote the continuous improvement of the environment through a structured management system that controls and evaluates the activities, products, as well as establishes and revises environmental goals and targets;

This policy reflects our commitments to good practice for the environment and applies to all sectors of company activity and employees. All employees have responsibilities to ensure that the goals and objectives of this policy are met.

To achieve our goals, we set the following goals:

- Inform all customers and suppliers about our environmental policy and all new customers and suppliers;
- Reduce general waste generation, as well as reduce solvent consumption;
- Influence all customers and suppliers on their contribution to good environmental performance and reduction of significant environmental impacts.


In order to develop the best health policies and respect for legal issues, the evaluation of suppliers is done in accordance with the internal rules included in the Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

The evaluation of suppliers is a tool used to evaluate the fulfillment of the requirements of each supplier / supplier, in order to maximize the positive points and minimize the negative points.

EUROVILDE annually promotes supplier assessment for the previous year, in accordance with the procedure IT/CMP.02 Suppliers evaluation (Portuguese Version)

Suppliers are evaluated according to their typology:
a) Suppliers of Pelarias and Solas;
b) Suppliers of Subcontracted Operations;
c) Forms Suppliers and Cutters.

After the evaluation, and according to the result achieved, a classification is assigned and, in the case of Risk Supplier evaluation, measures are taken in order to avoid future defaults.

Criterios de Avaliação de Fornecedor / Subcontratado

Documents available in PDF (all documents in portuguese language):

PDF - Quality Policy
PDF - Environmental Policy
PDF - Code of Conduct
PDF - Supplier Evaluation
PDF - REACH Awareness of Suppliers
PDF - Supplier Environmental Awareness
PDF - Code of Conduct for Suppliers